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Something amazing for me

This photo was taken by the Powerarts staff ( and shows the entrance of their Gym in Osaka. The cutout model shown is Blair, principal instructor. This was made from a shot that I took in 2007 and is now featured on pretty much all their communication. You can see this shot here.
It's now even on their entrance door. I feel quite happy with this.

Some more light painting

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Beginner DSLR course offered again in February

Together with brightlearning, Reflexion Photo will be running another beginner DSLR course that will teach you everything you need to know to take great shots with your DSLR by discussing basic and intermediate photography concepts and accessories.
For a testimonial, have a look at beautybargainqueen's blog.
Details of the course and booking information here. If you are looking at raising your game to impress family and friends, develop your skills for your blog or association, or generally want to know "how it works", this is for you! Seats are limited and there are only a few left !

12 apostles on the great ocean road

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