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Update on the DSLR course

Venue is now booked: UQ (University of Queensland). Check for more details.

The first 5 bookings into each course will be awarded with a 10% discount off of the booking fee! So head on over to and get booking!

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Learn how to make the best out of your DSLR

Reflexion Photography will be presenting a 4 session course on how to make the best out of your DSLR. Sessions will take place in Brisbane and walk participants through basic and intermediate concepts of photography, including shooting modes, composition, exposure, and a lot more.
Check out the details at

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Words from a master

Aikido is about "人をぶつからない" which can be translated as "avoiding conflicts, avoiding clashes, not hurting one another". In our dojo, one of the fundamentals is to train without hurting one another. Therefore here and outside, we train ourselves in a way that will not hurt others. This idea transcends the walls of this dojo, as well as country borders. To avoid fighting with one another is a universal wisdom that can be applied to oneself, fellow students, family, etc. Even though Aikido is a traditional martial art, I strongly feel that its philosophy is needed today by Japanese and Australian people alike.
Michiharu Mori Sensei, 7th Dan Yoshinkan Aikido Master

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The new Japanese Consul, Mr Junzo Fujita (center), his wife and the vice-Consul

Photos from that night have also found their way in the Griffith University website:

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Digital Photography: workflow and tools that help - A Linux Conference Presentation Draft

Who doesn't own a digital camera ?
Almost no-one. In this day and age, your phone generally has at least one, then you might have your handy Point & Shoot, or even your expensive DSLR with a set of lenses etc.
Taking photos, as in "pushing the button" used to be the main work, in the age of film photography.
But today, taking photos is only 50% or less of the job. There is a lot more to do once the camera sensor has recorded the pattern of light in a binary form.
To the very minimum, you need to download your work, sort it, publish it in some way and archive it.
For professional photographers, or enthusiasts, or simply more savvy users, the workflow often includes retouching, adjusting, resizing, watermarking, renaming etc.
Linux is a fantastic platform for doing all of the above and more.
In this miniconf I would like to present the tools that I use for my own purposes as a photographer, and show you how they can help you make the best of your shots.

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Flip over stairs performed by Blair, Osaka, Japan.

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Osaka (Japan): Powerarts international

This is a shot of Osaka (Japan) Powerarts instructor and owner Blair Johnston, taken during the shooting of the short feature "floorburn". Powerarts is a high-performance gym where martial arts and gymnastics are taught by a team of experts in their field. The atmosphere of the place is one of a friendly and high energy environment that is enjoyed by kids and adults altogether. Powerarts International has been featured in several short movies, newspaper articles, TV and radio broadcasts, and regularly appears in performances and shows that Blair designs and trains his students for.
The website makes use of a large number of Reflexion Photography material (ie 1, 2, 3 and a lot more), taken over the years, which is also used on their communication and stationery.
Reflexion Photography has worked for and with Powerarts International since 2005 and is a proud sponsor and ambassador of their excellency in training star performers from a young age.