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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Digital Photography: workflow and tools that help - A Linux Conference Presentation Draft

Who doesn't own a digital camera ?
Almost no-one. In this day and age, your phone generally has at least one, then you might have your handy Point & Shoot, or even your expensive DSLR with a set of lenses etc.
Taking photos, as in "pushing the button" used to be the main work, in the age of film photography.
But today, taking photos is only 50% or less of the job. There is a lot more to do once the camera sensor has recorded the pattern of light in a binary form.
To the very minimum, you need to download your work, sort it, publish it in some way and archive it.
For professional photographers, or enthusiasts, or simply more savvy users, the workflow often includes retouching, adjusting, resizing, watermarking, renaming etc.
Linux is a fantastic platform for doing all of the above and more.
In this miniconf I would like to present the tools that I use for my own purposes as a photographer, and show you how they can help you make the best of your shots.

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